What's Brewing At Mischief

Oct-Dec 2012

The Twelve Weeks to Christmas Promo*

In the lead up to Christmas, many charities and organisations gear up for their Christmas-time appeal. And we gather that many of their employees, not unlike Santa's little elves come Christmas-time, bear the brunt of it.

So we wanted to tell them we understand, and we're here to help. In a fun 'lil way. Here's the piece we made. Enjoy!

* to be sung to the tune of "Twelve Days of Christmas"

Christmas Competition Winner

Our Christmas competition prize for the most creative campaign idea went to Engineers Without Borders.


Celebrating 2012 as International Year of Cooperatives with Common Equity NSW

Common Equity NSW (CENSW) invited us to be part of their celebration of the United Nation's International Year of Cooperatives.

It was colourful, culture-rich and beautifully heart-warming. And attended by diverse and inspiringly talented cooperative housing members and leaders. Something like this was apparently a first for the sector. Well done, Common Equity NSW!

The day-long festival was filled with food and performances, art and awards, and stories and successes. And it showcased all that has been achieved through cooperative housing. The last two years have been a time of tremendous change and turnaround for both the organisation and the sector. Chris Hayes MP, Federal Member for Fowler, was present to officiate the event. And it also received SBS and ABC News coverage.

The celebrations opened with an airing of stories of individuals with changed lives since joining a cooperative housing community (watch the videos under "Latest Work" down below!). We were glad to have been a part of bringing those to life! And it was inspiring for us to see the difference this organisation has made for people.

We're proud as punch to have worked with Common Equity, and fulfilled to think we played a part, at least, in helping bring an awareness to cooperative housing as a contemporary, community-driven, values-based housing solution.

A day out at Common Equity's AGM Phillippino Dancer's at International Day of Cooperatives

Our very first write-up on Eco Citizen Australia

Eco Citizen Australia did a little write-up on us, which we love! They're an online publication that informs, inspires and connects people with all things eco. Do head over and check 'em good folks out at www.ecocitizen.com.au.

"Advocating change through positive action and clear communication, the Coalition of Mischief aims to help not-for-profit and 'socially aware organisations' achieve their goals. Comprising mischief makers Kevin Bathman and Zara Choy, the organisation assert to keep things light, while keeping their eyes firmly on the big picture."

Eco Citizen

Bake Night at Mischief Capital

Walnut & Olive Bread, Raisin Loaf, Poppy Seed Bread and Nut & Apricot Cob. Yummmmm! We hosted a Bake Night and chatted a lovely evening away with a bunch of social change folk. Check out more pictures here.

We have Mischief socials from time to time, with a different theme each time. So if you're in Sydney and fancy hangin out, drop us a line. We'll happily put you on the invite list.

Bake Night with Mischief
Latest Work

Common Equity NSW

Theresa, Hinemoa and Micheal are cooperative housing members whose lives have turned around since they joined their cooperative housing. We made a series of videos to bring to life their stories.

Theresa's Story

When Theresa and her family arrived in Australia, they struggled with housing affordability. Theresa founded a housing cooperative called 'Whispering Hope' that allowed her to raise her four sons in a secure and stable environment. She now supports her neighbours and others with low incomes or disabilities and is passionate about increasing awareness of the socially responsible housing model.

"I'm thinking of me, sleeping so peacefully in my bed knowing that someone is cold out on the street, shivering and hungry. They are falling into the cracks. So let's help them, let's give our help to these people. That's what I find most fulfilling…to help someone in need."


Hinemoa's Story

Hinemoa believes that education is the gateway to success. After five years as an active member of the Whispering Hope cooperative, she was elected Chairperson and with the support of CENSW is undertaking a range of courses in technology, English language and management skills which has boosted her self-esteem and career opportunities.

"I never wanted to be a leader. But now I can see that I want to progress in that sort of field. We'd love to help people with a lot of children…that are overcrowded in their houses. We need more houses to give more services and help the families in need."


Micheal's Story

Emoh Rou was Sydney's first cooperative housing establishment, home to a range of artists that were not able to afford stable housing close to city with studio space. Due to the financial pressures of renting, Micheal had not considered starting a family before living in a coop. Now he has the security of a long-term tenancy for his family, with space to develop his career as an artist.

"We've have workshops for stenciling, painting... a lot of community activities happen here. Now that we’ve openly declared that we’re artists here, in whatever field that may be, I think that there’s more opportunities locally for the [cooperative] to get involved with the broader community. And we’ll all benefit from seeing our presence... being more recognised and appreciated."

Read the case study.


South Eastern Sydney Local Health District - STI Campaign for Backpackers

A campaign we did for the South Eastern Sydney Local Health District has been released. See if you can spot the posters and booklets at hostels or backpacker accommodation, travel publications and operators around Sydney.

The campaign helps provide information about STIs, especially its risks while travelling, and also supplies information about services and costs relating to sexual health checks for backpackers in Sydney. www.gettested.com.au

NSW Health - STI Campaign for Backpackers

The Chindian Diaries

Being of mixed Indian and Chinese parentage, Kevin has been battling with the issue of belonging through his life. The Chindian Diaries, a celebration of personal stories and shared community, is both a personal journey of finding identity and a way to bring to others, Chindian and non-Chindian alike, the unique cultural heritage of being Chindian.

"Eventually, my great grandfather found out and he was infuriated, he even called my grandfather 'Hak Kuai', which means black devil. Grandmother Ang embraced Indian culture by learning how to speak Tamil and cooking Indian cuisine for her neighbours. At that time in the 1930s, a Chinese woman speaking Tamil in the markets was unheard of."

This project is for those who identify themselves as a Chindian (Indian and Chinese heritage). It aims to capture the forgotten stories of both cultures and the 'time-worn Chindian stories of taboo love, in a cross-cultural phenomenon unique to post-colonial southeast Asia.'

In our race for progress, we often forget many things about our past. Many forgotten stories about how our parents met, their struggles of coming from different cultural background. If we don't capture those stories, it will forever be forgotten.

Find the project on Facebook here

Watch the SBS World News coverage

Read the case study.

The Chindian Diaries The Chindian Diaries

Burma Campaign

Burma Campaign

Coalition of Mischief submitted a few T-shirt designs for Burma Campaign's competition and won! The designs were meant to draw attention to the situation in Burma. Check them out here.

Bollywood Queen

Bollywood Queen

We got groovin' with Bollywood Queen, an event held to provide a non-judgmental environment where GLBT South Asians could connect and claim their identity. Watch the video we created.

Pop Up Bride

Pop Up Bride

Pop-up Bride got us to help with their brand identity. Inspired by true stories of arranged marriages in contemporary Australia, the show explores both traditional and contemporary notions of arranged marriage, and the role of family and romantic currency in the digital age. Premiers October 21st at the Marrickville Town Hall. Check it out here.

Sack Alan Jones

Alan Jones

Like everyone else, we are appalled by Alan Jones, so we did this funny meme/ad for Sack Alan Jones and Destroy the Joint. See it here. ps. The petition was a major success. Check it out at change.org.


Show Us Your Wolloomoolloo

Show Us Your Wolloomoolloo

We created the branding for Show Us Your Wolloomooloo, a project aimed at generating cross-community conversation by creating an inspiring, informative and fun connective space for all -- from public housing residents to the homeless, and home owners and local businesses. Visit the website here.

Anti-Slavery Australia

Anti-Slavery Australia

Did you know slavery happens here? Neither do many people. We produced a little booklet for Anti-Slavery Australia (ASA) to help make this known. ASA are specialist legal research and policy centre who work to abolish slavery, trafficking, forced marriage and extreme labour exploitation. www.antislavery.org.au.