What's Brewing At Mischief

Jan-Mar 2013


Tackling Food Waste: The Big Sunday Food Bash

Design For Change issued the challenge of tackling the problem of food waste among young people (aged 18-24). We came up with The Big Sunday Food Bash.

This event, celebrated annually but encouraged weekly, aims to create a conducive environment and a network that supports a young person's journey of learning and adopting better food waste practices.

Talking to a number of young people, these were some of their response to the issue of food waste:
"I tend to overbuy and overcook for one person. Or I end up eating out and food I've bought is left to go bad."
"I hate cooking and eating alone."
"Trying to reduce food waste can be so boring and tedious."

Check out our full submission on Design For Change.


Announcing Mischief's Survey Competition Winner

We asked those working for social causes to share their marketing challenges with us and tell us how creativity might help their organisation. The winner of the survey competition is Newcastle Temporary Care.

Together, the Mischief Crew and the team at Newcastle Temporary Care will develop a strategic communications campaign to help them navigate upcoming transitions introduced by the National Disability Insurance Scheme, now called Disability Care, and be a competitive independent service provider for people with disabilities in the Newcastle area.

Newcastle Temporary Care

Spotlight on Social Enterprise: Pro Bono News writeup on Coalition of Mischief

We were covered in a feature on Social Enterprise on Pro Bono News. Pro Bono Australia is an online hub for people engaged with Australia's Not For Profit communities.

Damien Currie spoke to us about what were doing for the not for profit sector, and the birth, journey and challenges with Coalition of Mischief.

Read the full article.

Pro Bono Australia Write-Up

Jom Balik Undi Malaysia

Jom Balik Undi (Let's Go Home & Vote) is a campaign initiated by Overseas Malaysians to urge all Malaysians to fly home to vote in the upcoming 13th General Elections. This could be a landmark election in Malaysia's history, and Overseas Malaysians could play a significant part in influencing voting results.

So as Malaysians, we felt a compelled to get behind the movement and help bring about a cleaner and brighter future for all Malaysians. We began a grassroots-participation campaign called "Malaysia, It's Time For Change" for Malaysians abroad to submit their messages of hope for Malaysia.

To date, all these posters have collectively been shared over 30,000 times on Facebook.

And so far, the campaign has been picked up by numerous international media:

Over the coming weeks, we hope to finally see change that will bring about a cleaner and brighter future for all Malaysians.


Digital Sydney talks to Coalition of Mischief about Social Enterprise

Sydney's Digital and ICT community is the place where all areas of digital expertise meet, collaborate and showcase their work. Michelle Lau spoke to Zara about being a social enterprise startup.

Read the full article.

Talking To Startups: Digital Sydney

Goodbye 2012, Hello 2013

Starting the year in a reflective zone, we saw a lot of silliness around.
So we coined a little piece to share those sentiments. Click on the video to watch "Common Sense Isn't That Common".

We feel blessed to have been able to make a difference for many worthy causes with some wonderful organisations in 2012. These are some of the areas and organisations we've had the opportunity to make a difference for.

Cause #01 Sexual Racism: ACON NSW / A-Men
Cause #02 Brain Cancer: Cure for Life
Cause #03 Human Trafficking & Slavery: Anti-Slavery Australia
Cause #04 Organ & Tissue Donation: The FilmLife Project
Cause #05 Menstruation: Crimson Movement
Cause #06 Cooperative Housing: Common Equity NSW
Cause #07 Sexual Health: NSW Health / Backpackers
Cause #08 Community Building: The Chindian Diaries
Cause #09 Cultural Cohesion & Racial Identity: Trikone / Bollywood Queen
Cause #10 Social Change: The Center for Social Impact
Cause #11 Quality of Life: Engineers Without Borders
Cause #12 Women's Health: Amani Women's Pad
Cause #13 Social Justice: Burma Campaign Australia
Cause #14 Artists Support: Corker Magazine

Latest Work

The FilmLife Project

FilmLife Poster - Jack & Jill FilmLife Poster - Romeo & Juliet FilmLife Poster - Thelma & Louise

We're proud to be working with The FilmLife Project, an annual initiative hosted by The Groundswell Project that encourages young emerging filmmakers to use their creativity to change lives. This year, The FilmLife project aims to create youth engagement and raise awareness on the difficult subject of organ and tissue donation.

We produced campaign collateral to promote the upcoming film-making competition, free film workshops, blogging competition, and the launch and final screening events.


Cure For Life Foundation

Cure for Life Foundation (CFLF) wanted to run a Christmas Appeal to raise $250,000. The proceeds would fund clinical trials to massively accelerate finding the cure for brain cancer in children.

Milton is the name of a machine that compresses up to a year's worth of manual scientific work into as little as a day. We designed a fundraising campaign asking people to help Milton work "As Fast As Santa". The campaign ran on E-mail, Direct Mail, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Cure For Life Christmas Fundraising Campaign

Engineers Without Borders

Cambodia's Tonle Sap Lake and its surrounds are home to 1.5 million people. They have a huge sanitation problem. Faeces-contaminated water leads to the spread of waterborne diseases such as diarrhoea, which is sadly one of the three leading causes of death in Cambodia for children under five. Engineers Without Borders (EWB) have a solution -- reinvent the toilet.

EWB needed to raise money to fund more volunteers for this sanitation project.

We designed a Christmas appeal campaign to EWB supporters to help solve the sanitation problem for 1.5 million Cambodians. The "Engineers see the world differently" campaign reaches out in a humorous way and humanises the project by presenting it through the eyes of Gab, a Water Process Engineer volunteering on the project.

Engineers Without Borders Fundraising Campaign