What's Brewing At Mischief

Aug-Sep 2012

Announcing Mischief's Survey Competition Results

FISH logo and sketch

Our biggest titanic-thank you to organisations who took part in our survey competition (happy cartwheels!). We can't say how much we value the time you took to share. Heartened and inspired by everyone's efforts to make our world a better place, we wished we could have given each one a prize. Alas, we had to pick one winner, and that goes to

FISH, the Foundation for Sustainable Indigenous Housing

Together, the Mischief Crew and FISH will develop a strategic communications campaign to help FISH better address the severe housing crisis faced by Indigenous communities throughout Australia.

Missed out on the competition? Despair not. We have other goodies for all you marvelous folk. We still want to understand your aspirations and challenges. So head right over here if you'd care to help us out. You'll be in the running to be selected for the 'Oh My Goodness' Mischief Gift Pack'.

We've been busy cookin'

We heard the aspirations and challenges of many organisations in our survey competition.
Moved by the responses, we quickly got busy cooking up ways to help with your cause.

Mischief's 'Oh My Goodness' Gift Pack

'Oh My Goodness' Mischief Gift Pack

As we're passionate about change, The Mischief Team will offer our services to eight organisations or projects a year. It's a tailored offering designed to suit your specific needs. Head over here.

'Let's Talk Mischief' Inspiration Session

'Let's Talk Mischief' Inspiration Session

Behind every good campaign is an idea, cleverly constructed and carried out. Here is a collection of inspirational nuggets to spark your mischief-making.

'Voyages from the Mischief Capital' Newsletter

'Voyages from The Mischief Capital'

Sailing the mischief journey, we gather snazzy communications ideas, nifty engagement tips, and even a valuable life lesson or two! Share in the ride and sign up for our newsletter.


Latest Work

Creating Mischief with Corker Mag

Coalition of Mischief and Corker Mag really saw eye-to-eye. Sharing the same ideals, values and attitude of irreverence lead to us producing an intro video for Corker Mag.

Corker is an Australian bimonthly digital magazine for lovers of pop-culture and everything that influences it. It's about spreading new ideas and supporting Australian creatives. Corker is for those who want to be inspired, challenged, and informed... in an irreverent, high quality magazine that doesn't take itself too seriously. It's no traditional media company either; Corker is a social enterprise that gives back to the creative community.

Visit www.corkermag.com.au

Creating Mischief with A-Men

Working in collaboration with the Gay Asian Men Project at ACON which aimed to promote diversity and multiculturalism in the Sydney gay community, Coalition of Mischief designed and helped launched a new magazine called A-Men. Its mission is to empower and develop a healthy and engaged gay Asian community in Sydney.

A-Men is a coming together of the Asian gay community to tell their own stories. It featured stories and photos of over 30 gay asian men in Sydney, displaying them as not one homogenous race, but of many diverse backgrounds from South to East Asia. Using the power of photos and personal stories, A-Men strives for a more inclusive Australian society where diversity is celebrated, where each individual regardless of race, sexuality, colour or creed is empowered and honoured.

Visit A-Men on Facebook.
See A-Men online.
Read the case study.