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Coca Cola vs. The Environment

Environment ministers will soon be making a decision on how to stop 8 billion beverage containers being land-filled or littered every year. The Boomerang Alliance, comprising 26 national and state environment groups, is seeking to convince Australian state and national governments to adopt a modern, efficient national container deposit system, to stop billions of beverage containers from going to landfill and litter each year.

We created a series of posters to support the implementation of a national container deposit system. It parodies Coca Cola's taglines and draws analogy to battle — environmental sustainability vs. corporate greed and profit.

Check out the series here.

Coca Cola: Weapon of Mass Destruction

Whale n Chips anyone?

Whale isn't regular tucker in the land down under. But in other parts of the world, it is. It's not anyone's place to decide what should graze the taste buds in another culture, but when the sanctity of marine wildlife and ecological balance are on the line, we feel it's time to take a stand. In response to Sea Shepherd's call out to creatives, we created a campaign to help raise awareness around the subject.

Here's our submission.

Whale n Chips for Sea Shepherd

In solidarity with Turkey

Recent protests in Turkey calling for greater democratic practices sadly resulted in violence and bloodshed.

Turkey's government has been heavy-handed in response to protesters and has also suppressed media coverage. This Turkish blogger reveals the inside story of What Is Happening In Turkey, and Amnesty's Urgent Call To Action outlines what we can all do to help end the abuse.

In solidarity with our friends in Turkey and in support of principles of democracy, freedom of speech and expression, and the right to peaceful demonstration, we created this poster.

Stop the Bloodshed, Erdogan

The Leadership Project with BUiLD

We were invited to be part of a Leadership Project run by Beyond UTS International Leadership Development (BUiLD) society.

Over the month of May, we mentored a team of students tasked with working on a brief we gave them. The exercise was an opportunity for students to develop various leadership skills — from confidence, taking initiative, time management and personal skills to recognising working styles, overcoming adversity and conflict resolution.

We were encouraged to see young people who were mature, optimistic, proactive and who cared about our world and its future.

The Leadership Project with BUiLD

Pads good for both people and earth

An icky subject for some, we know. But we donít shy away from difficult topics. We created the logo and packaging for Amani Pads, a 100% organic product made in Dubai.

Check it out.

Amani Pads

The Chindian Diaries on Singapore's MyPaper and New Straits Times

The Chindian Diaries's Facebook page led to a double page special report on Singaporean Chindians in MyPaper, a Singaporean News Daily and Malaysia's New Straight Times.

Visit The Chindian Diaries.

The Chindian Diaries