What Artists Said


“Being part of the 2013 Carnival of the Bold was truly an exciting opportunity for a number of reasons.

Bringing a collective together of like minded peoples is healthy for any vision and the contacts made from last years event have proven invaluable.

To reach a new audience as an artist is of course imperative for the conveyance of one’s artistic ethic. The wildly enthusiastic audience that congregated last event introduced to me new rays of light that have prompted me along quite favourably.

Finally, to find myself on a stage with such incredible talent, many of whom I’ve been a fan of for years now, touched a special place in my heart.

I thank the team at Carnival of the Bold and wish every success for this years event!”

~ Adam Hill aka Blak Douglas, Carnival of the Bold 2013 Artist

“I really enjoyed “Carnival Of The Bold” last year. As an artist, I particularly enjoyed seeing and hearing a wide range of perspectives from different artists, and how they saw their work affecting and reflecting social change.

The diversity of the work shown and discussed, through song, poetry and visual art reaffirmed for me the important cultural role that socially and politically-engaged art plays across all cultures.

The audience seemed highly engaged, and I thought the discussions created great interaction with the performers and storytellers.”

~ Simon Hunt aka Pauline Pantsdown, Carnival of the Bold 2013 Artist

“Carnival of the Bold was groundbreaking for me in that I felt connected to a community of people who cared deeply and passionately about creativity and social change.

Since I decided to develop my relationship with creativity in the last few years, I have discovered that more and more, we need movements of people dedicated to creating a better world. More importantly, we also need to support the voices of our creative sides and talents both within our own souls and the broader world. In a work-a-day world, these voices don’t seem to have a space because they are too insignificant in an economic, consumer-driven version of the world.

Artistry, is for me, the moment we decide we do not wholly accept that world, and instead work to share with others the world we would like to create.

For my project Positive Light, presented at Carnival of the Bold 2013, it was a milestone to share the project to an Australian audience, where I have had very few opportunities to do so. That’s why, I would welcome more events like Carnival of the Bold to the Sydney stage, and hope that Kevin and Zara eventually build up the support base they need to ensure the event reaches even greater audiences.

They have my full blessing for this campaign and I would like to see those who know that the arts can drive important social change show their monetary and networking support for Carnival of the Bold.

~ Mikey Leung, Carnival of the Bold 2013 Artist

“There are few chances as an artist to colour outside the lines.

This might sound a bit strange, but in the day and night struggle to write, find gigs and contemplate why I am not yet immortally famous, there are very few chances to really collaborate across the artistic divides that separate both artists and audiences.

This is especially true in Sydney’s artistic community. With distance and limited live venues between us, many local artists (myself entirely included) find themselves churning away the night hours with none but the melting candle-wax to collaborate with.

But Carnival of the Bold was a lovely little adventure in that direction. It was a family event. Not in the notion that families were welcome, but more along the lines of forging some sense of community between the artists – which I hope the audience enjoyed.

It was a warm, living-room-fire-place on a winter’s afternoon kind of event. And I am really glad we got to share the blankets that night.

For me, I performed some old loved pieces and some new ones too. I collaborated with a new young poet who is now an old friend. And I got to share some of my activism, combining poetry with some of the causes I love to struggle through. And with the audience being what it was, it was delightful to share these thoughts with them.

I of course was one of the lesser known artists of the night, but it was so nice to be considered an equal with some of Australia’s most innovative artists and performers. It gave me a great confidence to continue what I am doing, and hope that I can expand it.

I really hope the night continues, and that this year a new batch of artists and audience members gets to feel what I felt that night. In any case, I will want to attend Carnival of the Bold 2014.”

~ Chris Wright, Carnival of the Bold 2013 Artist

“Carnival of the Bold was a wonderful celebration of the power of creativity and the need and desire for art in our daily lives.

It brought together such diverse, inspired and inspiring crowd of people that served to further highlight the possibilities for art and creativity as a means for community connection.

The need for ongoing event such as The Carnival of the Bold is great and a wise investment for anybody who contributes their time, energy and financial resource. I feel that the capacity for art and creativity to serve the needs of communities and the individuals within them is still relatively untapped.

Art and creativity offer a meaningful source of engagement that has the potential to create and inspire positive change and growth.

We cannot underestimate the power of inspiration and that its flow on affect is indeed a positive force. Carnival of The Bold ignited conversations that need to be had and communication that was rich in depth, thought provoking and action inspiring.

As an artist and creative being I benefited enormously from participating in this event. I found this event stimulating in a variety of ways. The speakers engaged were bold and diverse, the audience participation was engaging and alive, the topics covered during the evening were both inspiring and powerful, offering everybody a chance to view the world through the lens of another and really inspiring empathy, understanding and appreciation of cultural differences and diversity.

I saw and experienced first hand the opportunities for artist and audience members grow networks and benefit from the vast experience within the room. Benefits of which I am continuing to grow from, implement in my life and my creative practice.

There were so many valuable take away gems that still resonate with me many months later. I cannot recommend highly enough the work of Kevin and Zara, a dedicated, inspiring and powerful duo.”

~ Melanie Lee, Carnival of the Bold 2013 Artist

“Carnival of the Bold gave me a wonderful opportunity to perform, to share both my culture and my passion.

As a 75 year old African American Australian, retired conflict resolution and mediation trainer who believes conversation and collaboration are vital, Carnival of the Bold gave me validation. It has inspired me to continue to tell stories and teach others to tell theirs as well. There’s nothing like a personal story to illustrate, educate and engage.

I am still in touch with contacts I made and I am thankful of the opportunity. I enjoy sharing what I gained.

I know I have said it so often but…. tell stories and remember when an elder dies, a library is lost.”

~ Andreea Kindryd, Carnival of the Bold 2013 Artist


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