The Story

Humble beginnings

In 2013, a seed was planted. Carnival of the Bold launched as part of the Changemaker’s Festival to a sold-out audience of 150 at New Theater in Newtown Sydney. The night was vibrant, energizing and provocative, and as a demonstration of what had before then only been an idea, was successful beyond our hopes. It was received warmly by the community of artists and change-makers, and we saw it not only give solidarity and inspiration, but also birth new relationships and conversations amongst them.

The event also brought social change issues onto the radar of some of the general public who had not given such issues much thought before. Indeed, the Deputy Mayor of City of Sydney publicly acknowledged the importance of the arts bringing issues to public discourse in her opening talk.

You can read what people said and view talks from the event.

Since then, Carnival of the Bold ran in 2014 at the snazzy, refurbished Cleveland Street Theatre, with a few extra little surprises for the audience, and in 2015 at the Sydney Museum of Contemporary Art as part of VIVID 2015.

So, where to now?

Well, infinity and beyond!

Right from the start, we always wanted Carnival of the Bold to be more than an event. And we’re working hard to make it happen. Find out about the mission and plans here. Please write in to us if you have suggestions or feedback, or would like to partner, collaborate or support us in any way.

There are many things underway for 2016, to be revealed soon. So join our community on Facebook, follow us on Twitter or subscribe to the newsletter to stay tuned.

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