What Crew Said


“The Carnival of the Bold was an incredible night for me. Seeing the talent and passion of all the gathered artists and performers on the night was equal parts entertaining and inspiring. Also, getting to meet attendees throughout the night was just as rewarding, as everyone that I had a chance to chat with was passionate and excited about what was happening in the night.

I believe there is a real gravity and significance that comes with a gathering of creative, talented, and passionate people who have hearts to create positive change. There needs to be more events like Carnival of the Bold, not only because such good comes from it, but because I believe people have a craving to be part of something like this.

Kevin and Zara’s passion and their vision to connect all these artists to create social change was so awesome to be part of and I definitely look forward to all of their future endeavours!”

~ David Hwang, Volunteer


“Carnival of the Bold brings together local stories that we need to hear and sparks the conversations that we should be having. It builds community by displaying the incredible projects currently being undertaken in Sydney to an equally passionate audience. As a volunteer, I was inspired to see changemakers from such diverse walks of life come together for an uplifting and entertaining evening.”

~ Jacinta Astles, Volunteer

“Paul Capsis, you are a national treasure.

Pauline Pantsdown taught me a great deal about what is possible through satire in Australian politics. Brave indeed.

Adam Hill, you take on the nation in a way a lot of us can learn from.

Ande, I love your stories and the insights they bring, specially as an elder.

Mikey, your Positive Light project is quintessentially a social entrepreneurial project – yes, if it brings just 6% more revenue to Bangladesh through tourism then more than double the money that is currently received in Bangladesh.

Chris, your liquid chocolate voice and powerful poetry combined.

Melanie Lee, drawing important conversations out of young girls and boys.

One World Choral, the start of an amazing journey of a celebration of diversity through music and not just any music, but music from my homeland.”

~ Rosemary Shapiro-Liu, Volunteer 

“Carnival of the Bold is important because it gives people a chance to be introduced to a new experience, opening them with different perspectives and cultural awareness.  The event was about sharing our diversity and creative passion, and is a welcome outlet for both the viewers and artists.”

~ Neil Gomez, Volunteer 


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