The ArtisTree Messages



In the foyer of Carnival of the Bold’s inaugural event in 2013 stood The ArtisTree, on which guests were invited to hang their messages of hope for the world and how the arts might be instrumental in creating it. These are the voices of the Carnival of the Bold community.

“I am constantly inspired when young “disadvanged” people break all expectations and create inspiring creative work! I hate the label disadvantaged.” ~ Mark Croasdale

“If we encourage the natural artist in all, our world will be more fun, creative, beautiful and inspiring. Art can save lives and create bridges.” ~ Nerissa

“Art, I think, reminds people to not always be serious, that inside everyone, there is always a kid and sometimes this is the best way to live, when we can be both fun and serious at the same time. That’s how I feel whenever I do something creative.”~ Shu Fun Kwan

“I love Pauline Pantsdown, I really don’t know if I would’ve survived the election without her.” ~ Sam Salvidge

“Art is a powerful tool that will help humanity transform itself and reimagine its place in the world.” ~ Jeremy Mah

“Every song, every story, every word of hope leads us all down a path of discovery to a brighter future.” ~ Scott Lopez

“Art is a mirror of a society and so all art/media has the possibility of changing society through the mirror of itself. All it needs is the intention of the artist.” ~ Linda Bates

“Art makes me stop and see the world in new ways.” ~ Todd Thompson

“We are not individuals but a collection of artists painting our own dreams from the dreaming of soul consciousness” ~ Kevin Rack

“When you feel down pick up an instrument, start a monologue or start a protest. Don’t let them see your tears. Let them see you ‘express’ those tears!” ~ Rudy Bilani

“Find your personal power and use it as a force for good.” ~ Yvonne

“If a tree could riot, what would it look like? Our privilege, our curse has us speechless too. How to build a loving riot…” ~ Lisa Byleveld

“Art and performance brings people together in creative ways to continue daily fight for changing the world and disseminating stories of meaningful social action.” ~ Silvia Juventeny

“I wish that our leaders globally would appreciate the power of art to heal, educate and change the world.” ~ Naomi Doyle

“Everybody has a song to sing, so sing!” ~ Patrick Hayes

“More positive energy makes the world better.” ~ Sabrina

“Listen to Indigenous knowledge to care for our planet.” ~ Lynn Davis

“Governments should invest in social change, the arts and Carnival of the Bold combines both. Its return should see funding.” ~ Jarah Crook

“I think not enough people stop to think of all the homeless people on the streets. We may pass them everyday during our busy lives and drop a couple of coins. But I think we should stop and talk to them. Because everyone has a story.” ~ Olivia Pek



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