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Weekend Notes covers Carnival of the Bold 2015



Carnival of the Bold on ArtsHub

“Political and social art offers people different perspectives on important issues than the perspectives they gain simply through news-based media filters…” — Simon Hunt”

“People’s attitudes are shaped by the way their world is presented to them, and the only way that can ever change, is if something is presented anew, either through experience, action or chance. That is where the art world exists. It exists in that realm of chance.” — Chris Wright

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Carnival of the Bold on Weekend Notes

“If you want to be inspired, moved, stimulated, provoked even, by how art is being used to address social change, then this is a night is for you. If you have never thought much about these issues, then this is a night for you too!”

“It also doesn’t end with the night. We’d like this premier event to be the start of a movement that builds an increasingly conscious community of people, that sparks new ideas and collaboration, and provides hope and avenues for tackling some potentially tough topics — for a better future.”

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“The premise behind this is that the arts brings a latent power, it brings a different kind of narrative and framing to issues… we’d like to see different sorts of conversations come up because of this cross-fertilisation, so if that room was full of great conversations, new ideas, fresh perspectives, people who’ve been moved and touched, and even new collaborations… that would be beautiful.”

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Carnival of the Bold on EastSide FM
Chris Horsey from Eastside Radio 89.7FMfor interviewing Zara and Jason Wing (2014 Artist).

To listen, go from 42.00 to 29.00:








Carnival of the Bold on Daily Telegraph

Co-founders Kevin Bathman and Zara Choy have brought together photographers, actors, dancers, filmmakers, poets, singers and artists whose works all relate important community issues. “What we found is when an issue is being addressed in an artistic way, people are more receptive to being told.”

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