Carnival of the Bold 2016

Seymour Center, Sydney. 4th June 2016

Fourth year running, Carnival of the Bold was a part of VIVID 2016.

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Line-up and Talks

MC Trey

Emcee, Hip Hop Artist & Social Activist
‘Musical Memoirs’

MC Trey is a recording hip hop artist/vocalist with over 15 years’ experience. Having blessed the mic on stages around Australia, Fiji, New Zealand, Japan, UK and USA, she is no stranger to lyrical dexterity and freestyle delivery.

Her music speaks of social issues, life experiences and more. Her works impact and change the game,whether it be through music, the local community or mainstream society. Off stage she is a passionate advocate and social worker for issues which affect young people, women and diverse communities, winning awards and nominations for her music and her work.


Malaysian Political Cartoonist
‘To Fight Through Cartoon’

Zunar is best known for his provocative cartoons that lampoon issues of high-level abuse of government power and corruption. Malaysian authorities have claimed that Zunar’s cartoons are “detrimental to public order”.

Over the years, his cartoon books have been confiscated and bookstores banned from selling his work. In 2011 and 2015, Human Rights Watch honored Zunar with its Hellman/Hammett Award. Zunar is the first full-time cartoonist to receive CPJ’s International Press Freedom Award. To Zunar, cartooning is not a gift but a responsibility. Zunar is now facing 9 charges under the Sedition Act which carries a maximum penalty of 43 years jail term.

George Gittoes

Visual Artist & Filmmaker
‘Blood Mystic’

Gittoes’ work has consistently expressed his social, political and humanitarian concern at the effects of injustice and conflict. George has captured conflicts around the world for the past 45 years and has mentored kids in Afghanistan since 2007. In recent years his work has especially centred on the Middle East, with repeated visits to Israel and Palestine, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

In 2011, he established a new Yellow House, a multidisciplinary arts centre in Jalalabad, Afghanistan.

Among many prizes, Gittoes has twice been awarded the Blake Prize for Religious Art and in 2014, awarded the Sydney Peace Prize.

Hellen Rose performed with George.

Abdul Abdullah

Visual Artist & Radio Host
‘Why can’t I be angry at everyone?’

Abdul Abdullah is a seventh generation Australian who has become increasingly political in his art practice to keep pace with the politicisation of his cultural identity.

In 2011 Abdullah was a recipient of Kickstart funding for the 2012 Next Wave Festival, was selected as a finalist in the Archibald prize and won the Blake Prize for Human Justice. He has been an Archibald prize finalist a further two times since, and in 2015 exhibited as part of the annual Primavera exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney and APT8 at the Gallery of Modern Art, Brisbane.

Sukhjit Kaur Khalsa

Spoken Word Artist
‘Judge Me. I Dare You’

Sukhjit Kaur Khalsa is a #grownwoman, hairy, and a storyteller. From a young age, she has enjoyed writing poems and performing them to her family.

In 2014, she performed spoken word to a wider audience at the Australian Poetry Slam Competition, which spiraled into a YouTube Channel titled ‘Contemporary Kaur.’ Sukhjit writes stories of the Sikh diaspora, family, cultural confusions and gender.

Recently, Sukhjit took to the stage of Australia’s Got Talent and wowed the audience with her honesty. For her, the journey has just begun

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Other Acknowledgements

Natalie Kull

AUSLAN Interpreter
Natalie Kull

Natalie Kull is a Professional Level Auslan interpreter. Since her very first interpreting job on a film set in 2008, she has been working in creative spaces and passionately advocating for the rights of Deaf people to access the arts. She has interpreted children’s theatre, poetry readings, life drawing, live performance, music, comedy, visual arts and storytelling, and can often be found waving her arms in art galleries and on stage. Natalie is honoured to be interpreting Carnival of the Bold, and to be sharing this celebration of imagination with the Deaf community.

Victoria Clark

AUSLAN Interpreter
Victoria Clark

Victoria Clark has been working as a Paraprofessional level Auslan interpreter since 2012. Prior to becoming involved with the Deaf Community in Sydney, she completed a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Art History and Theory at the University of Sydney in 2005. Now able to combine both of these passions, she interprets regularly at some of Sydney’s major art galleries, and has worked extensively in educational interpreting in the fields of Fine Arts, Design and Art History and Theory.

Helmut Uhlmann

Busker Artist
Helmut Uhlmann

Helmut Uhlmann is a music artist and social entrepreneur with a passion for creating and connecting. He creates music at Bunk Bed Beats Songwriting & Production Suite with artists from all walks of life. As an artist, his sound exudes acoustic vibes with an assortment of electronic fairy dust. Recently, Helmut ran a charity project called Busk for a Cure, where 50 artists across 5 locations in Newtown busked to raise funds for Cancer Council NSW and Crohn’s & Colitis Australia. All funds were donated to the charities.

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