Carnival of the Bold 2013

New Theatre, Sydney. 9 November, 2013

Carnival of the Bold held its inaugural event as part of the Changemakers Festival 2013. Showcasing a mix of performances and work by various artists, the night touched, entertained, humoured and provoked, and also connected changemakers and others who care about a better world.

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Line-up and Talks

Simon Hunt aka Pauline Pantsdown:

Political Satire Artist
‘A Tale Of Two Paulines: Pantsdown vs Hanson’

In 1997 Simon Hunt edited the words of right-wing politician Pauline Hanson into the song “I’m a Back Door Man”, which was banned when Hanson took legal action in the Supreme Court. The following year, Hunt changed his name to Pauline Pantsdown, released the top ten single “I Don’t Like It”, and ran as a candidate for the NSW Senate in the federal election. In 2013, he resurrected the character on social media, this time creating a series of visual memes to engage in political issues relating to the federal election.

Simon Hunt also works as a composer and DJ, and is the Program Coordinator of the Bachelor Of Media Arts at the University of New South Wales.

Adam Hill aka Blak Douglas

Indigenous Artist & Activist

I’d received an email from a year twelve student requesting images to include in her visual art essay as she’d been studying my work for her major. I’d walked into a High School located in Concord, Sydney and was escorted to the library where an exhibition of works filled the foyer… the students had produced works entirely influenced by mine. Having coffee at my local on Abercrombie Street, Chippendale, a striking young woman stops with friends and asks… “excuse me, are you Adam Hill? I studied you in High School”. Suddenly I realised that after a decade of pushing a bolder uphill, I was being assisted by youthful zest. Like when you’re trying to push your broken down car through a major intersection and all of a sudden… it seems to leave your hands, rolling voluntarily as though some kinetic God has prevailed a courteous wind. I felt that I’d earned my stripes.

Ande Kindryd

African American Storyteller
‘The Hair War’

Andreea Kindryd is a storyteller in the campfire tradition: she just sits and talks from her experience. At 75, she’s had plenty. Fresh from her solo show, ‘Slavery to Star Trek’ in the Sydney Fringe Festival and Edinburgh Comedy Festival, Ande believes that world peace begins at home and that it begins with ourselves and the people we love.

Mikey Leung

Social Change Photographer
‘Positive Light’

Mikey Leung is a media producer and moonlighting travel writer with a passion for travel to developing countries, particularly Bangladesh. After discovering the ‘climate change victim’ identity that Bangladesh had, he sought to revise it by enlisting the help of some of its most talented photographers. The resulting crowdfunded, crowdsourced coffee table book mobilised 700 images and 150 photographers, who all agreed to participate in creating a vivid photographic artwork that describes the beauty of human potential, rather than the pit of despair typically used to describe Bangladesh. By changing the country’s negative image, Mikey believes that tourism and economic development could form the basis of a better future for the country.

Chris Wright

Slam Poet & Political Ecologist
‘Ode to Eramus’

Chris Wright is a poet who believes in blurring the lines between poetry and politics, research, rhythm and rhyme. An anthropologist by training, Chris has blended his passion for words and social justice to create performances made to move UN negotiators, raise awareness on environmental destruction and highlight small towns and street clowns. Tonight, he will be flying in from Sabah, Malaysia to debut some of his latest pieces and share his vision for poetic collaboration in the future.

Melanie Lee

Children’s Book Illustrator & Speaker
‘A Girl In The World’

Melanie is a mother, social entrepreneur, artist, illustrator and writer who has written and illustrated A Girl In The World, the first in a series of children’s books that invites readers to share their honest thoughts and feelings about the ups and downs of life. Creative expression has been paramount in helping Melanie to heal from childhood sexual abuse. It enables her to connect to and process her thoughts and feelings and understand the world around her.

One World Choral

Culturally Diverse Choir
‘Dreaming of Africa’

One World Choral will introduce audiences to their vibrant choral repertoire celebrating cultural diversity through music. Established to fill the void in performing cultural music from every continent, the choir will introduce audiences to a distinctive African choral sound and increase an appreciation of cultural influences through music. Performing at major and community events, the One World Choral choir is culturally diverse and encourages each member to explore through music.

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Deputy Mayor of City of Sydney, Robyn Kemmis’s Address

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