What Attendees Said

“Last year’s inaugural event was a surprising hybrid of performance and seminar, and the warm response from a capacity audience showed a strong demand for such an event. Your program was so diverse, there would have been something new for every member of the audience. It provided context and at times a sense of history, revealing the stories behind the artistic drive to express and communicate.

Held in such a supportive environment, this event provided a rare opportunity for artists compelled to advocate social change to reach wider audiences. Artists so often work in isolation. To use one’s art to advance passionate views requires courage and conviction. To do so in the company of other “bold” artists and activists is both inspiring and empowering – for artists and audiences alike.

In recent years, Sydney seems to have become a magnet for charismatic speakers – TedX, Festival of Dangerous Ideas, Sydney Writers’ Festival, IQ2 Debates, and so on. These high profile events often verge on the spectacular, and are undoubtedly impressive. But change happens slowly, incrementally. And there is plenty of room in Sydney for a grass roots, consistent, persistent push for change that works on a much more personal and sustained level.

After such promising start last year, I’m sure 2014 Carnival of the Bold will allow you to build on this groundswell to be a true catalyst for change.”

 ~ Annette Shun Wah (Performance 4A), Attendee

“What I really loved about Carnival 2013 was the diversity.

Zara and Kevin on the night were very humble saying that the night is really about the artists and they just put it together, but you could tell that it was put together from people who have really open hearts and minds.

Many different nationalities, ages, genders and sexualities were represented. There was clearly no fixed agenda, which is so refreshing as our media is so saturated with cardboard cut-outs.

The common thread was that these artists wanted to have an impact on the world in some way and this was incredibly moving and inspiring.

The other thing that was diverse was the range of acts. Serious discussion on poverty and sexual abuse can be very uncomfortable but mixed with some lighter acts that were musical or comical made these acts digestible.

It is also sometimes difficult to watch comedy for a length of time as it can become tiresome, so intersecting the comedy with the drama was really entertaining and gave the evening a real quality of depth.

The evening was also cleverly interactive, people were invited to tweet and ask questions which made us feel like we were part of the event and this is important I think when talking about social causes. There was an also an opportunity to meet the artists and become involved in their projects.

I told lots of friends about Carnival 2013 and many are keen to come next time. I’ll be there for sure.”

~ Robbie Baldwin, Attendee

“Carnival of the Bold 2013 more than delivered on its promise: an evening of bold and inventive artists and performers sharing their experience of life, art and process, and insights into what drives them in their quest to create.

The intimate setting was ideal – the audience felt like part of the performance, as the artists invited us into their lives and passions. I walked away from the event with a renewed respect for the value of process and reflection, and of the collective sharing of ideas.”

~ Dominique Antarakis, Attendee

“Carnival of the Bold 2013 was a wonderful evening with a full house made up of a wide variety of people, brought together by their desire to be part of something new and exciting, and that is entertaining and eye opening.

As a regular theatre goer, I was very impressed by the calibre of artists that Kevin and Zara had assembled.

From Paul Capsis, outrageously funny as MC, to Ande Kindyrd warmly telling stories in her campfire tradition, but that left me chilled at the reminder of the inequalities she has endured during her (and my) lifetime, it would be difficult to pick a favourite.

Some were funny, some were moving and some were heartbreaking, or a combination of each.

They were all excellent and built to an amazing finale that left the audience uplifted and inspired.”

~ Chrissy Crust, Attendee

“Carnival of the Bold 2013 drew together a diverse group of art practitioners to underline how valuable art can be in articulating fresh perspectives on a broad array of social issues, ranging from depression and racism to poverty.

Yet despite the weighty subject matter tackled, the stories and experiences shared were not didactic or depressing.

The speakers each provided deeply personal stories of how their art has generated social change whether it be through sharing the personal experience of depression through children’s books, or creating tourism opportunities in Bangladesh by portraying a different side of the country that celebrates the people and the culture.

More importantly, it connected both speakers and audience members, allowing them to continue conversations long after the festival programme ended. As an audience member, I greatly enjoyed the event for being entertaining, thought-provoking and inspiring.”

~ Biwa Kwan, Attendee

“The artists featured at Carnival of The Bold in 2013 were absolutely inspiring.

It was a wonderful setting, with a celebratory and community feel to it, with a free and forward thinking, socially-aware and creative audience who were thoroughly engaged.

Personally, I’m not part of the arts community, but the event reached beyond that – mainly through enthralling personal stories which resonated with the audience.

Carnival of The Bold had a fringe/underground and grassroots inner-city community feel to it. Something I have not witnessed in years and Newtown was the perfect place to hold it.

It was also great to see support from local mainstream authorities and local businesses.”

~ Brad Court, Attendee

“Theatre, to stay relevant, must challenge both in content and in form. Carnival of the Bold certainly did that.

Appropriating the cabaret format and stripping it of its too easy modern irony and cheap and comfortable laughs, it forced the audience to re-consider what theatre should be and do, changing the dynamic between performer and audience, creating a more intimate and naked space for both.

It was exciting to see and hear theatre that was unapologetically political, even  – shock horror! – ideological. I have been thinking about political theatre over the past year and the necessity for it and Carnival of the Bold inspired me to continue to look at ways to practice it that are not stage/site bound.”

~ Paul van Reyk, Attendee

“Connections between people are what tie a city – and community – together.

And no other form of connections are as powerful – or as deep – as those which tap into the emotional depths of individuals’ passions, hopes, and dreams.

The inaugural Carnival of the Bold last year did just this with vim, vigor, and a spirit of which Sydney-siders can be justifiably proud. Its collection of artists, storytellers and performers is something which I certainly hope will be repeated, supported, and expanded in the years to come.

Indeed, should Sydney hope to realize its goal of becoming a world-class city, then supporting events such as the Carnival of the Bold will enable it do so.”

~ Scott Lopez, Attendee

“As an attendee of Carnival of the Bold in 2013, I was impressed by the vibrance and creative frisson that had been orchestrated by the facilitators.

I was greeted and welcomed at the entrance and invited to contribute to the wishing tree, which was a stimulating and illuminating experience.

The program itself was well-crafted, diverse, heartwarming, thought provoking and inspiring. I will definitely attend again and will recommend it to my friends, colleagues and anybody looking for an interaction that meets a plethora of social needs and entertainment wants while galvanizing one’s creative juices.

Respect and gratitude to the organisers.”

 ~ Tod Thompson, Attendee

“Carnival of the Bold 2013 showcased a collection of performers of different types.

The common theme with each was a desire to use their work to effect social change. Experienced artists like Paul Capsis and Simon Hunt (aka Pauline Pantsdown) helped make the night entertaining and memorable.

The evening provided a mixture of discussion about serious issues (such as racism) and more light hearted comic performances. The event also provided an interesting insight into the artists’ perspective – what motivated their work and what stumbling blocks they faced.

I hope the event continues in 2014.”

~ Rick O’Gorman-Hughes, Attendee

“Carnival of the Bold was uniquely memorable because I have never witnessed a convergence of artists from such different spheres.

I always knew art had the ability to challenge people’s way of thinking, but never heard or saw firsthand the kind of change it was capable of.

Mikey Leung and Adam Hill’s stories inspired and made me believe that any one person can still make a great difference to the world. Paul Capsis was, of course, outstandingly funny as always, and played the consummate host.

A great night out and I think it struck a chord with everyone!”

~ William Sum, Attendee 

“Carnival of the Bold is important to me because it provides a platform for people from such varied walks of life – different backgrounds, different experiences, both good and bad to share their journey through art, poetry or storytelling.

They shared the challenges they had encountered and how they overcame it, which are often surprisingly similar to our own. This provides inspiration to many others. Hearing such an eclectic group of talented people speak so passionately helps break down cultural barriers we have built through childhood and adolescence.

We need events like Carnival of the Bold to inspire the next generation of changemakers, to open their eyes and raise questions”.

~ Sean Coyne, Attendee 

“Myself and my colleagues found the evening of speakers, artists and advocates of positive social change both enlightening and inspiring with topics such as racism, child abuse and xenophobia touched upon in very positive and entertaining way.

As Carnival of the Bold was a great event for our diverse and wonderful city, myself and my colleagues would not hesitate to attend and support Carnival of the Bold in 2014.”

~ Luke Baker, Attendee

“I went to see Carnival of the Bold in November 2013, to be honest, not knowing exactly what to expect, and I found it one of the most enjoyable evenings out I’d had in a long time.

The artists who spoke and performed were talented and innovative, and their series of presentations struck just the right balance between being entertaining, thought-provoking and eye-opening.

As MC for the evening, Paul Capsis was charismatic and funny, and kept the show rolling along. I would not have had the chance to hear from such interesting artists, engaged with activist issues, were it not for Carnival of the Bold, and I am very much looking forward to this year’s event.”

~ Walter McIntosh, Attendee

“Carnival of the Bold was an extraordinary event that raised my awareness of many social issues and inspired me to engage with my community.

The speakers were insightful and thought-provoking, as they shared with us their personal stories and endeavours. Can’t wait to go again this year!”

~ Mark Villar, Attendee

“Carnival of the Bold is what the world calls for right now. Audacious visionaries + artist activists + social change agents + interfusion inspiring + delightful surprise experiences = awesomeness of bold + delight in festivities!

This movement deserves to grow globally and deepen even more locally. If your spirit soars and your pulse increases from knowing an event like this exists, be involved!  It’s your carnival, be bold, be alive – it’s your life, let it not be a rehearsal.”

~ Kana Lea, Attendee

“I was a little unsure what to expect but the calibre of speakers convinced me that this event was worth attending.

The evening highlighted a number of social issues through speakers that presented personal, responses to current situations that were creative, thought provoking and inspiring. A great contribution to instigate positive change.

To quote Robert Baden-Powell, this is an event for those who want to ‘try and leave this world a little better than you found it.’

~ Andrew Tam, Attendee


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