About Carnival of the Bold


So what is Carnival of the Bold?

It’s a festival and movement of social change through the arts. And it’s a coming together of artists and other leaders who drive important issues of our time – to create deeper engagement around social causes.

From issues in sustainability, poverty, justice, peace, human rights, equality, education, well-being, Carnival of the Bold aims to inspire and awaken greater public consciousness. It is interdisciplinary and inclusive of all artists – theatre, music, film, street performance, visual arts, you name it.


Artists bring interesting and unique perspectives to the mix, and engage audiences in new and different ways. They can strongly influence the way the world frames or feels about the salient issues; a power not fully harnessed, we think.

And here’s what others have said:

Carnival of the Bold plays an important role in connecting Australian artists and and general public to showcase socially-engaged projects. For three years, Carnival of the Bold has demonstrated to a sell-out audience on how the arts can engage on social causes with financial and in-kind support from government agencies, corporates, social enterprises, not for profit and arts organisations.

Carnival of the Bold offers creative opportunities for Australian artist to engage on a particular social issue. It provides a rare space for arts and cultural ‘change-makers’ to share their work and to inspire others through their stories. And it provides a forum to explore new approaches and ways of thinking about thorny social issues, such as identity, cultural diversity, social change and environmental sustainability. The connections, exchange of ideas and dialogue generated within this space can be a catalyst for change, leading to real systemic change in our approach to complex issues.

Carnival of the Bold has valued the role of artists in being agents for socio-cultural change. This sharing of ideas has opened audiences to new ways of seeing the world that other strategies have not.

Carnival of the Bold has provided a space for future cross-sectoral partnerships and engagement between the arts and other sectors such as NGOs, social enterprises, cultural development sector and changemakers who want to contribute to positive social change.

It has become increasingly clear that a major barrier to governments ‘delivering’ key policy outcomes is a disengaged and passive public. In the areas of welfare, health, crime, employment, education and the environment, achieving significant progress requires the active involvement and cooperation of citizens.

Source: http://www.apsc.gov.au/publications-and-media/archive/publications-archive/changing-behaviour

Artists and the arts reflect and also influence society, and artists and cultural organizations are increasingly playing a more deliberate role in making social change. The power of arts for change can be explained in this chart:


Carnival of the Bold is first and foremost a spirit or philosophy that the arts can be a powerful enabling force for social change. It calls on artists to take leadership. And it calls on the world to participate. Taking shape through socially themed arts events, exhibitions, forums, films and visual arts, we aspire to bring social issues into the mainstream agenda, raise public consciousness and shine new light on what it means to live with greater humanity.

Through Carnival of the Bold, together – whether an individual, not-for-profit, government or conscious business – we aspire to find new ways, new ideas and new narratives that will shape our world and future.

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