The Mischief Agenda is about change.
Changing old paradigms to new.
Changing apathy to action.
Changing communications for good.

The 'Big Hairy Idea'? Infuse the world with fresh, new thinking, and ignite minds and hearts for a greater good. Choose people and planet over profits. Discard old business models. Challenge outdated social norms. Revolutionise the way people and organisations think, act and communicate.

Captain Kevin O'Mayhem: A flexitarian, urban gardener, sustainability nut, upcycling hobbyist, street art appreciator and social change advocate. He is interested in using creativity to address social justice and environmental issues. And also has 15 years of extensive experience in advertising and design in various organisations in Sydney, Kuala Lumpur and Auckland.

LinkedIn   @kevinbathman
Madame Zara De'Bauchery: A scanner, slashie and jacqueline-of-many-trades. She's a cultural creative, innerpreneur, renaissance soul, dancer, pianist, occasional poet and songwriter, dilettante, music lover, student, fellow human, daughter, sister and friend. She also has a background in Computer Science, Commerce and Information Systems and qualitative market research.

LinkedIn   @zarachoy
In alliance with a motley crew of passionate, driven
and values-aligned creatives and consultants.

Creating mischief and mayhem in our otherwise straight-laced world.

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