"Anything is possible if you've got enough nerve." — JK Rowling

We offer communication strategies for social, humanitarian, cultural and environmental causes. Through community engagement campaigns, Coalition of Mischief achieves fundraising and communication goals by adopting alternative as well as traditional methods. We help not-for-profits and socially aware organisations achieve their social and financial objectives.

Services: Concept Development, Creative Campaign, Graphic Design, Crowdfunding Campaign, Web Design, Strategy Development, Branding, Event Management, Copywriting, Social Media Marketing  

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Carnival of the Bold, a movement of artists
for social change, an initiative by
Coalition of Mischief, premiered at the
Changemakers Festival in November 2013.

Carnival of the Bold
Eight artists led the ranks on the quest for social change with works highlighting cultural awareness, indigenous rights, consumerism, sustainability, peace and racism. Premiering as part of the 2013 Changemakers Festival, Carnival of the Bold presented a lineup that captivated, challenged and inspired the audience. It was a night of brave, boisterous fun!

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